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Brighton Gold Meridian Zenith Bracelet- JF5065
Brighton Meridian Zenith Small Hoops - Gold, JA2745
Brighton Meridian Zenith Gold Chocker - JL9465
Brighton Slim Christo Cuff Rhone Gold - JF3875
Brighton Meridian Zenith Necklace - Silver, JL8321
Brighton Meridian Zenith Silver Hinge Bangle - Silver, JF3701
Brighton Bilbao Drop Gold Earrings - JA3804
Brighton Meridian Orbit Silver Hoop Earrings - JA2491
Brighton Meridian Orbit Silver Long Necklace - JL6181
Brighton Meridian Orbit Gold Long Necklace - JL6185
Brighton Neptune’s Rings Gold Heart Necklace - JL7153
Brighton Neptune’s Rings Post Hoop Earrings - JA0512
Brighton Neptune’s Rings Pave Bangle Set - Gold, JF4285
Brighton Contempo Ice Gold Bracelet - JF0915
Brighton Contempo Ice Gold Short Necklace - JL4255
Brighton Meridian Petite Beaded Gold Bracelet - JF0573
Brighton Anatolia Gold Hoop Earrings - JA2902
Brighton Infinity Sparkle Post Earrings - JA1222
Toledo Statement French Wire Earring - JE9320
Brighton Twinkle Duo Post Earrings - JA4301
Brighton Twinkle Bar French Wire Earrings - JA4071
Brighton Twinkle Drop Long Earrings - JA3411
Brighton Twinkle Open Hinge Bangle - JF5251
Brighton Twinkle Bar Long Necklace - JL8581
Brighton Chara Ellipse Pearl Short Necklace - JL9203
Brighton Toledo Picture Frame - G10820
Brighton Chara Stud Earrings - JA3821
Infinity Sparkle Link Collar - JL9561
Brighton Meridian Bracelet - J39482
Brighton Meridian Orbit Silver Bracelet - JF2871
Brighton Meridian Zenith Post Earrings - JA2761
Brighton Diamond Bar Watch - W40672
Brighton Berne Watch - W10330
Brighton Mendocino Watch - W41081
Brighton Demantur Drop French Wire Earrings - JA4211
Width: 5 1/2" Height: 7 1/2" Finish: Silver plated Holds Photo Size: 4" X 6" CARE  Leather items: since this is a natural product, clean and condition regularly. Silver Hardware: just wipe down with a dry 100% cotton cloth, keeping it away from water or any silver cleaners.
208 results
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