Jon Hart Design - Leopard Collection


How to Order: 

  1. Select desired item from drop-down menu.
  2. Enter Initials EXACTLY as you want printed in the following window, and specify "Traditional" (F-L-M) or "Original" (F-M-L).
  3. Enter the Full Name to confirm that initials correlate with name entered, and specify "Gold", "Silver", or "Hot Stamp" in same box as Full Name.
*Price includes the $10 cost of customization!*

The Jon Hart Leopard Print Collection is the perfect addition to the color lineup from JHD!

  • Coated canvas with Natural Leather trim
  • Production time can be as much as 2-6 Weeks!
  • Handmade in San Antonio, Texas

**Make your customization selections using the drop-down menu options above, and please review your item thoroughly in your cart prior to ordering. For "Original", initials will be First, Middle, Last. Or if you prefer a name, please type the name EXACTLY as you wish to see it on the patch. We will order exactly what is typed in the instructions you provide, upper/lower etc. For "Traditional", initials will be First, LAST, Middle. The "Traditional" stamp has the Last Name initial larger in the center. Please also provide the full name of recipient in the box provided, as an additional way for us to verify that customization selections are correct.

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