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Handkerchiefs 2 Pack - Don't Blow It (Dark Chambray)


A handkerchief can save you in quite a few situations. Runny nose without a Kleenex in sight? Handkerchief. Spilled your drink and it’s quickly carving a river toward your computer? Handkerchief. BBQ sauce from lunch on your lips as you’re walking into a big meeting? Yup, a handkerchief will save you there too. Keep one on hand and don’t blow it when a minor emergency strikes. And when you turn to the Don’t Blow It Handkerchief, it will even look good when not in use. That’s because its soft chambray is eye-catching when it pokes out of your pocket. Toss it in the breast pocket of your jacket or in the back pocket of your jeans to have at the ready.

  • 17"x17"
  • 100% Cotton

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