Welcome to our happy place! This space, in our little corner of the World Wide Web, will always be a place where you can find {just the thing} for the big days and everydays. From jewelry to handbags and home decor, clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, eyewear, stationery and desk, bridal, and beauty, our passion and love for what we do is clear. Each line we offer is carefully selected and thoughtfully ordered to provide you with an assortment of products that incandescently inspire. Our mission is to really connect with people and serve as a reminder of how important it is to live life cheerfully! 

Located in the oldest town in Texas, history and tradition are in our DNA. We are inspired by the nostalgia of the original brick streets that run in front of our shop and friendly faces that walk through our doors every day. We specialize in classic, southern hospitality and exceptional service! With us, quintessential style and modern sensibility collide in the best possible way. At Macy May, we are unabashedly Southern. We love great music, anything blue and white, red lipstick, fabulous art, big personalities, crisp bright colors (especially pink) and, of course, having FUN!! All of these things and so much more make us who we are… and collectively, we are The Macy May Girls

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