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Kendra Scott Scented 3oz Candle - Tiger’s Eye
Kendra Scott Scented 8oz  Candle - Tiger’s Eye
Kendra Scott Scented 3oz Candle - Berry Agate
Kendra Scott Scented 8oz Candle - Berry Agate
LAFCO Signature Candle 6.5oz - Champagne
Frankie & Claude Fancy Matches - Magenta
LAFCO Signature Candle 6.5oz - Rosemary Eucalyptus
LAFCO Signature Candle 6.5oz - Duchess Peony
Kate Spade Candle - Park
Kate Spade Candle - Coast
Frankie & Claude Fancy Matches - Forest Green
Kate Spade Candle - Garden
LAFCO Signature Candle 6.5oz - French Lilac
LAFCO Signature Candle 6.5oz - Marine
LAFCO Signature Candle 6.5oz - Star Magnolia
LAFCO Signature Candle 6.5oz - Amber Black Vanilla
Tom Tom Shop - Green Pagoda Candle
Frankie & Claude Fancy Matches - Royal Blue
Tom Tom Shop - Pink Pagoda Candle
Tom Tom Shop - Blue Pagoda Candle
LAFCO Reed Diffuser - Duchess Peony
LAFCO Reed Diffuser - Champagne
LAFCO Reed Diffuser - Sea & Dune
Frankie & Claude Fancy Matches - Lavender
Antica Farmacista Scented Candle - Prosecco
Antica Farmacista Home Ambiance Diffuser - Prosecco
Antica Farmacista Car Diffuser - Prosecco
Antica Farmacista Set of 4 Diffuser Refills - Prosecco
Frankie & Claude Fancy Matches - Red
Frankie & Claude Fancy Matches - Clementine
LAFCO Signature Candle 15.5oz - Big Sky
Ella B Neighborhood Candle - Holiday In The Pines
Ella B Neighborhood Candle - A Texas Christmas
Ella B Neighborhood Candle - Tis The Season
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