timeless elegance

With a degree in Interior Design, to say I live for detail is an understatement! I choose classic silhouettes and firmly believe a lady is never fully dressed without her lipstick. I LOVE color, but pink is definitely my signature. Traditional sweater sets are a staple, and A-line dresses are my go-to. I have a polished take on fashion, but love mixing on-trend jewelry, shoes and bags to add instant personality to my wardrobe. I always say...It’s not the labels that make your outfit, the true beauty in personal style is how you FEEL once it's all put together!

Classic with a twist, [Jaye’s Studio] hand-painted toleware pieces are my item of the moment! These sassy home accessories can take any room from drab to FAB! From tea trays and cachepots to frames and tissue boxes, there are a million-and-one ways to integrate these darlin's into any space! After all, as the designer himself says…"Life is only as lovely as you make it!" -TomTom


quintessential girly girl

I’m frilly—in both style and word. I love pretty things and handwritten notes. In my opinion, a well-appointed ensemble is equally as important on any given day as it is for life’s big events. Bracelets are my favorite, earrings are non-negotiable, and the right lipstick prepares me to face the day. Raised on southern values and by the phrase “Pretty is as Pretty does”, I believe inner beauty is worth just as much as the packaging in which it comes. So, I say we should keep both looking fab!

Currently, my favorite products are the UH-MAZING sheet masks designed by the Korean beauty buffs at [Lapcos]. Y’all. They are lush and give that instant, fresh-from-the-spa feeling. Ingredient-conscious, each elixir is loaded with nutrients and natural extracts that are exactly what your skin has been craving! I’m gonna go ahead and tell ya, you’re gonna need to get one of each. I still can’t decide which is my fave!


feminine edge

Easy-breezy, neutrals are a wardrobe must for me, and rose gold is a habit I can't quit. I'm not as frilly as the rest of the MM Girls, but love that each of us brings a different style-perspective to the table. Mine is everyday-edgy and versatile, from overalls to pearls and everything in between.

Having to choose a favorite item is a struggle, but I'd say my most-loved Macy May purchase is my Big O Key Ring from [O-Venture]. Not-so-little secret around the shop, I am a teeny bit clumsy. So having my hands free while carrying my daily tote, groceries, books, etc. is extremely important. The ease of hanging my keys on the door-knob at home, or being able to unlock the door and drop my keys while they still remain attached to my wrist is priceless. The best purchases are things that are both practical and pretty, amiright?


all black everything (almost)

Don’t get me wrong, I love color! However, black just seems to be the first thing that jumps out at me. It’s classic and leaves me room to play with my accessories. I am laid back (in all caps) and eclectic. Memes are kind of my specialty, and nail polish names are equally as important as the color itself. (PS, yes Hannah is my twin.)

Currently, my favorite goodies are from [Sugarfina]. Who doesn't love a perfectly-packed little cube of sweetness? If I had to choose, I'd say my favorites are Peach Bellini and Atomic Sours. YUM. They make the cutest *happy* gift to a friend, or even sassy favors for the next Girl's Night. The creators at Sugarfina search for the yummiest ingredients and truly put their hearts into the products they offer, and y' shows.

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